A tale of two things (that I covet)

I live in San Diego. It rarely gets below 40 here at night let alone during the day. I already own five coats - which is probably four more than I really need - but I covet another one. I'm currently torn between two gorgeous coats and don't know which to choose.

Candidate #1 is from Eloquii. It's $108 after a $50 coupon and I love it because it's short and stylish and I think it might be pretty flattering for my body type.

Candidate #2 is from Macy's. It's $87 on sale and I love it because it's got a great banding detail at the waist and is designed to make me look like I have a waist. Plus I love the color (Ivory).

Which one do you like best and am I crazy for contemplating yet another jacket?


Melissa said…
Ha! I'd get both :-)
Deidre said…
I like the lower one. A girl can never have enough coats even in SoCal!

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