Why I love writing HERE

When I wrote about why I enjoy writing so much, I left off one really important factor: the friendships I've formed here over the years. To sit in a chair or on the bed in your house by yourself, writing, and know that someone - more than just one someone, even - will read what you've written, is just an amazing feeling. And when those words occasionally elicit a powerful response from someone I've never met, that never fails to blow me away.

I haven't always been up front about my diabetes, not here and not in real life, but since I've started talking more about it I've had such great interaction with folks who are in the same boat. A Type 2 diagnosis brings with it such a lot of shame and then secrecy, and that can leave you feeling very isolated and alone; I know it did me. What I've learned is that, if you can just be a little bit brave, take the risk, and put your whole self out there - diabetes and all - you might not just learn to love and take better care of yourself but perhaps even empower others to do the same for themselves.

Thanks, Anonymous (commenter on this post), for the reminder that, even as I type this in the darkness, I'm not alone.


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