World Diabetes Day

From Wikipedia:
World Diabetes Day is the primary global awareness campaign of the diabetes mellitus world and is held on November 14 of each year. It was introduced in 1991 by the International Diabetes Federation and the World Health Organization in response to the alarming rise of diabetes around the world. World Diabetes Day is a campaign that features a new theme chosen by the International Diabetes Federation each year to address issues facing the global diabetes community. While the campaigns last the whole year, the day itself marks the birthday of Frederick Bantingwho, along with Charles Best, first conceived the idea which led to the discovery of insulin in 1922.
This will be the first year that I observe World Diabetes Day (WDD). I'm not sure how I managed to be diabetic for 15 years before I heard that WDD existed but so be it. Still, if I haven't heard of it and I'm in the group it's supposed to be aimed at then how many non-diabetics know of it?

From the World Diabetes Day website:
  • Diabetes kills: 1 person every 8 seconds, 4 million people a year
  • Diabetes does not discriminate: all ages, rich and poor, all countries
  • Diabetes can no longer be ignored: 4 million lives lost a year, 1 million amputations a year, millions lost in income and productivity
Twenty-six million Americans alone have diabetes and the figures worldwide are close to 300 million. Three hundred million people across the globe, many without access to the medications, testing technologies, and medical personnel they need to stay alive. I'm not putting down any other disease or worthy cause, but those numbers are staggering and they deserve more attention. More attention and more money.

So today I'll be wearing as much blue as I can find in my closet that will fit me (I'm having expanding stomach issues, i.e. I've gained a few pounds in my midsection) and telling everyone who will listen why I'm doing it. I'm also going to ask whoever reads this today (Monday, November 14) to link to this post (or one of your own) and Tweet or Facebook the message, too. For the estimated 8 million American diabetics who are still undiagnosed, please think about it.


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