Let's ride a bike

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I have many items on my wish list this year, mostly because Mick needs a variety from which to choose. Several of them are health and fitness related, including workout clothes from AdoraOm - because I hate looking frumpy while working out (it's bad enough that I have to work out, why should I have to look ugly/unstylish while doing it?) and a diabetic cookbook so that I can do more cooking and less eating out. One health and fitness item that did NOT make my gift list this year although I desperately need it is a bike computer. Let me explain.

Last year I decided to ride in a Tour de Cure event early in May, so I started riding a bike again for the first time since elementary school. I had no idea how much stuff I'd need to really do things right, so last spring was spent (quite literally, spent) buying things I'd need: new bike, new helmet, riding gloves, bike pants (owwie, my butt!), riding jersey, rear view mirror for my bike, a bike carrier for the car. You get the idea. There was so much stuff to buy that I was sort of in shock, to be honest, but the one item that I really needed and never bought was a bike computer so that I could keep track of how far I'd ridden (sort of important when you're following a training schedule for a distance event. I got overwhelmed with everything else that had to be bought and never got to the bike computer, which was OK last year because Mick and Angeleen - our training buddy - both had computers on their bikes and I always rode with them.

This year it appears that I may be doing some, if not all, of my rides solo, so I really need that bike computer. I've looked at several online but I don't know which is best. If you ride or know someone who does, would you mind leaving your recommendations in the comments or on Twitter (@lottalatte)? Thanks!

First contender: Garmin Edge 500.

Pros: tracks your distance, speed, location, elevation, and heart rate. Attaches easily to handlebar.

Con: Expensive (starts at $250)

Second option: Polar CS500.

Pros: Everything from the Garmin except the easy attaching to handlebars. Will work with my pedometer/activity rewards program for work (you get credit for being active and can earn real money).

Con: Expensive (~$300)

Third option: SIGMA SPORT BC909.

Pros: Offers speed, cadence and heart rate calculations—all wirelessly. Easily installed.

Con: Not very durable (a real problem given that I'm prone to tipping over while biking.

So there you are. I'd like to have my new computer by the first of the year since that's when I'll need to start training for the 2012 Tour de Cure, so please send your thoughts.


JessiferSeabs said…
I have another suggestion, actually -- both Polar and Garmin have HR monitors that function as "computers" to track distance, speed, cardinal direction, etc. I have the Garmin Forerunner 425, I used it for marathon training and it was great. My Polar HR monitor also has a function that will track your distance, adn you can flip it between running, biking, and swimming. Just might be nice to have a device that can be used for more than one purpose!
Matilda444 said…
I'll second Jessifer's recommendation. Any of the GPS equipped Garmin wrist devices will do what you need - and then some. I would advise against a bike specific device. If you want to watch the screen - Garmin has some hand held GPS devices that have handlebar mounts available. Some of these devices are HRM compatible as well.

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