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Hi all, I'm participating in the 6 Weeks of Bliss Challenge on Bliss Connect and this post is part of that project. I'm  not being compensated in any way except with the sense of satisfaction that comes from writing something I might actually be proud to let my Grandma read.

I started blogging as a way to get the chaos that was then occupying my head out of there and onto paper. Yes, paper. When I was a kid, whenever I was angry, frustrated, sad, whatever, my mom told me to go and write about it because I'd feel better once I was done; she was always right. So there I was, a little over eight years ago, looking for a way to get that same quick fix as an adult but I didn't want to take the time to hand write it all down. I type all day at my job, so that was my preferred method of writing. I did a quick search on the Internet, found the site that I'm still using to host this journal today, and started off. Through the years while I've cycled through various themes and topics - from weight loss to dating to long distance relationships - my original motivation is still there: to find a way to calm my racing thoughts.

Since I began blogging, I've been fortunate to find some fantastic women who inspire me. While they are a diverse group, what they have in common is unflinching honesty and great writing skills. I don't care if you've lost 5, 10, 15, or 150 pounds, what I want when I read your blog is to get a glimpse into your struggles, your victories (weight related or not), and what makes you keep pushing on with the journey to better health. These sites embody all of those crucial qualities for me.

Shauna from The Adventures of Dietgirl. Shauna was one of the first blogs I discovered and I've been hooked ever since. Honesty, humor, and the ring of truth that only comes from the continuing struggle to keep off well over 100 pounds for many years now. This year she decided to challenge herself by learning to ride a bike again and completing a bike riding event - no mean feat I can tell you from first-hand experience. I love Shauna and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for our East Coast road trip next September.

Erin, formerly of Lose the Buddha, now writing at ejshea.com. Erin was one of the next blogs I found after I found Shauna's. Her writing is also forthright and insightful, and while her blog isn't as focused on weight loss as it used to be - whose is? - she still teaches lessons through what she shares with her readers about how to maintain a large weight loss. Recently she also added in a beautiful new baby girl and has been working through taking off the baby weight while also being a new mom. Great stuff.

Lori, formerly of Tales of the Bathroom Scale, now blogging anonymously. Right up there with Shauna and Erin is Lori. I used to rush home every night to read her latest entry about her struggles to first take then keep off more than 50 pounds while also being a single girl in the world. I was doing much the same thing on the opposite coast and her writing made me feel as though I was right there with her. When she found MLG (my lawyer guy) and they got married, I cheered her on from the comfort of my living room in San Diego. Wish she still blogged publicly because she's a real treat to read.

Marla, blogging anonymously. Marla has had so many different blogs over the years that I can only remember the names of about half of them, but they all featured her great writing, unshakeable desire to live a healthy lifestyle at whatever weight she's at (stupid scale anyway), and unwillingness to let the challenges thrown at her derail her healthy eating and weight training routines. If Shauna makes it over here in September, we're starting our road trip at Marla's front door!

Lorrie, from The Token Fat Girl. Lorrie is a recent addition to my blog reading but it was like a homecoming of sorts. Her site reminds me of some of the "old timer" weight loss/healthy lifestyle blogs I used to read that are gone with the wind now. Yes, she does have advertisements on her site but she doesn't blog incessantly about them and she writes great posts like this one, a recent favorite of mine. If you're not already reading her, give it a whirl.

And there you have it: a tiny glimpse into why I started here and why I press onward even when my posting schedule is somewhat erratic. (Perhaps not really "somewhat" anymore.) While I don't read blogs or write mine nearly as regularly as I used to, I love that the Blogosphere is always here for me when I need it.


Anna K Stern said…
Calming the racing thoughts!! I totally relate!
Melissa R. said…
Oh my--I LOVED reading Lori--I was so sad when she when private/anonymous. I was rooting for her in every aspect of her life but I think negative comments really got her down. If there is a way to find her, can you let me know? She is one blog I really, really miss.

And on that note, I should probably update my blog, too! Lots to say!
Denise said…
@Melissa, send me your email so that I can send you Lori's URL. I'm at lottalatte (at) gmail (dot) com
Chris said…
I have the same comment as Melissa. I've loved reading Lori through the single days, the wedding, the house decorating, the cats, etc. I was never able to find any contact information to email her. If you could let me know her email or something so I could request her URL, I'd love it!
Denise said…
@Chris - send me your email and blog URL or Twitter/Facebook handle and I'll contact Lori

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