20 Things About Me: The Blissdom Newbie Edition

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In about a month and a half, I'll be boarding a plane for Nashville, Tennessee and the Blissdom conference. I'm a little nervous because I won't know anyone and because all of the ladies who are attending really seem to have their stuff together, but I'm trying to see it as a chance to get out and meet wonderful women who already do what I want to do: write clever or useful or insightful blog posts. Today's post is a way to start meeting other attendees and it might also contain information about me that you didn't already know.

1. I'm married to a retired Navy sailor. We are both active in our community to support active duty military and veterans and their families because we know that it's not always easy to serve.

2. I'm a Project Manager for a software company and have been for 17 years. We get very, very busy between the beginning of December and mid-April so my posting is even more sporadic than usual during that time.

3. I started this blog when I was divorced and directionless; one of those things is no longer true.

4. I am Mom to two cats, one Pug, and a wonderful 19-year daughter who goes to school 550 miles from home. Her four brothers will also sometimes make appearances here.

5. I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 1996 and, after having it under control with diet and exercise for a little while, I'm now struggling to find the right combination of drugs to keep my blood sugars in tight control. It would probably also help if I could manage to eat small amounts of healthy foods and get some exercise every once in a while. (I'm working on it!)

6. I don't love Facebook but I am a Twitter addict. (You can follow me there by clicking on the little bird on the right sidebar.)

7. I'm an only child and I like my solitude, so my real friends are those who understand that sometimes I need quality "me" time.

8. I am craft-challenged. I don't have a creative bone in my body except when it comes to creative writing and putting together outfits that embarrass my children. I keep trying new things hoping something will bring out my inner Martha Stewart but no success yet.

9. I'm a member of the Junior League of San Diego. Most of my good friends are also members there and together we have a lot of fun while helping out the communities where we live. This year I am on the A La Carte committee and we are currently planning for our Spring Style Soiree on April 5 - it's a fashion show for a great cause!

10. What I want to bring home from Blissdom:
a. A plan that will help me write here more frequently
b. Ideas about how to live a more blissful life
c. New, like-minded (and possibly some who are totally different from me) friends
d. Some fun new experiences (and pictures) to share here


Anonymous said…
Hi! I'm a Blissdom newbie too! I found your post through the Ice Breaker linky. I know what you mean about quality "me" time--I'm not an only child, but if I don't get good quiet time consistently, I fall to pieces! :) Blissdom will be great for a recharge. See you there!
Another newbie here! I totally get the need for alone time. Safe travels to Nashville and see when it's time to get our bliss on
Beth Zimmerman said…

I'm a newbie too and delighted to meet you! I'm also the mom of grown children ... and 4-footed babies ... and find it comforting to know that I won't be the only more (ahem) mature blogger in the mix!

My link up post is at http://www.bethszimmerman.com/2012/01/12/hello-blissdom-2012/
angela said…
Hi! I'm a newbie, too :) And now following you on twitter. I'm @angelaamman
Shasher's Life said…
This will be my first time at Blissdom in the US as well. I'm coming from Toronto area, Canada.

See you in 34 days.

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