No more tired

I'm doing something I don't usually do when I write here: I'm writing without a title and hoping the words will bring something clever to mind. I know it's silly but about half of my writer's block is caused by my not being able to figure out a title or theme on a day when I would otherwise write here. If I can't figure something out tonight, I'll publish it anyway because I'm tired of being missing in action.

Other things I'm tired of?

I'm tired of saying:
"We need to stop eating out for every meal."
"I need to take control of my health."
"Why can't I find just 30 minutes a day to exercise?"

I'm tired of my pants and skirts cutting off my circulation unless they have elastic.

I'm tired of worrying about whether or not the seatbelt on the plane I'll take to Nashville next month will make it around my belly or if I'll have to ask the attendant for the extension.

I'm tired of feeling dumpy and dowdy next to my husband.

I'm tired of comparing myself to friends and always feeling inadequate.

But I can't solve the problems of my world overnight, all at once. As much as it goes against my perfectionist soul, this journey has to start with a single step.

What is a small thing that I can change that will immediately have an impact and make me feel better?

There are plenty of things that need changing (the above is only a partial list), but I really think that finding 30 minutes a day for MODERATE exercise is where I ought to start. Slow, steady, gentle movement with perhaps just a titch of Zumba thrown in every once in a while should loosen the waistbands on my pants and skirts just enough to let me wear them again not to mention the benefit for my blood sugar readings.

I know myself well enough to know that I need a plan for how to fit the 30 minutes into my day or else I just won't do it. Tomorrow I'll take my walking shoes to work and make time for three laps around the walking path at some point during the day then come here to report back how it went.

Other things that I have to do tomorrow include paying the bills that were supposed to be paid before the 15th (we'll work on the procrastination at some point), go to the lab for my blood work and urine tests (yay diabetes!), do a few more loads of laundry, and send back a lovely top from eloquii so that I can get a smaller size (believe it or not). And that's not including what they pay me to do for work.

I think it's time for bed, so night night!


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