School and Taxes

Today's agenda includes an all-day, hands on digital photography class AND doing both of the older boys' taxes.

I'm really looking forward to the digital photography class because I have a brand new camera - sold the old one because it was so huge and heavy that I never took it anywhere - and have no idea how to take it off of Auto-Everything because the manual has such small type. I purchased the class through Groupon and it's 4 hours of instruction followed by a 2 hour outdoor photo tour so that I can practice what I've learned. The Adult Education class I took last Fall didn't involve any actual practicing and consequently I lost everything I learned. I'll report back with what I've learned later.

Once class has finished, I'll be meeting Alcott and his older brother somewhere to sit down and do their taxes for them. Should be dead simple and quick since they both only have one or two Forms W-2. They really need their money back, so I'm hoping we can have them both electronically filed and their refunds in their hands in a couple of week.


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