Working for a living

Work is crazy. Crazy busy and just plain crazy, too. I took yesterday/Friday off at my manager's insistence and that was a very good thing.

I worked out twice last week. Thirty minutes of hills on a stationary bike followed by thirty minutes of walking on a treadmill. I was incredibly sore after the first time but not nearly as much the second. Perhaps my body actually wants me to work out?

I'm getting nervous/excited about going to Blissdom. I'm excited because there are some interesting sessions, particularly on photography, that I'm especially looking forward to (they're meant to be very hands-on") as well as the anticipation of staying at the conference hotel. I'm nervous because everyone else seems to be more outgoing, more blog savvy, and more sparkly than I am. I'm fairly reserved in real life besides being over 40 with no little kids running around, so I worry that I won't find anyone that I have anything in common with. There an event on Friday night that you're supposed to dress up for going out with your girlfriends but the last time I did that, GW Bush was still President. I'm a homebody and on the rare occasion that I do leave the house for a "night out", it's usually with my husband and might even involve an American Legion or Junior League function. I don't know what to wear so as not to stand out (in a bad way) and it's making me crazy.

Anyone reading this also going to Blissdom?


Chicky said…
Hola! It's your chauffeur! :)

Don't even worry about it. You will find tons of people you have things in common with. I DO have little guys, but I am 45 :)

Friday, There are people there in everything - jeans and nice tops, dresses, dress pants and blouses. We've even had a couple ball gowns :)

As far as Saturday, it's pretty much come as you are - jammies, velour track suits, I even remember seeing a few snuggies last year - it's very laid back, and you'll fit in no matter what you wear :)

Plus, you have your own personal camp counselor...ME!

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