A dizzying whirl of excitement

Life right now is pretty darned good. I'm eating well, I have great friends and family, and I'm finally comfortable in my own skin (at age 44). Not too shabby. Oh yes, and I lost six pounds in a week while eating yummy food that makes me feel healthy. No exercise yet and I know it's all water weight, but that's still six pounds that was weighing my poor body and endocrine system in particular down last week that's not there anymore, so I'm doing a little happy jig over here.

People have been approaching me lately to ask if I've lost weight and tell me that they can see the loss on my body already. I don't think there's any way that six pounds is perceptible to the human eye but what I think they're seeing and reacting to is the fact that I'm more relaxed, happier, and self-assured than ever before and that's what I'm projecting. That, and the fitted clothes with firm waistbands - no more elastic for this girl, at least outside the house!

I still need to add exercise to the mix, and I will, but this is really making me happy and giving me hope that I will take better control of my health (and my life).


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