On the road again

"Today I started my diet." How many times have I said that, written that, felt that? I am reassured by the kind comments and emails I've received since my last entry that someone in the world has faith that I can make this work, make things change. Perhaps with enough time, I will stop feeling as though I ought to apologize for writing about this stuff here again.

For accountability, I'd like to post pictures of my meals and snacks, beginning today. We'll see how long it takes until I forget to take pictures before eating something.

Here's today's breakfast - mini whole wheat bagel, hard boiled egg, grapes, couple different kinds of cheese, salami, and a slice of ham. Just about 500 calories in case anyone's keeping track.

And lunch - Basil Chicken sandwich on a lovely poppy seed ciabatta roll with whole wheat pasta salad and more grapes. Also about 500 calories, give or take.

ETA: Dinner - Mushroom & Jarlsberg Enchiladas, rice, beans, and corn. 576 calories

Most of my meals - barring special occasions like the Women Lead luncheon I'm attending tomorrow and the American Legion dinner I have with the husband and college student daughter next Saturday night - will be from Susan's Healthy Gourmet. Susan's is a local small business that creates fresh, healthy, nutritionally balanced meals that they deliver to my house (in a cooler) twice a week. I've used their service before with great success because the food is tasty and can be plated to look just like whatever the rest of the family will be eating.

So far, so good. No white knuckles here but I am smacking a piece of sugar-free, minty-fresh gum as we speak. I had some nausea and felt very weak this morning before I ate but that's unfortunately the way I've felt most mornings for months, so I'm anxious to see if eating better and less will make me feel better in the mornings.

I weighed in this morning, too, just for grins and giggles, and I weigh 244 pounds. From what I've read, losing 10% of your body weight should have a measurable impact on your blood sugar, so that would mean my losing 24 pounds. From past history that seems pretty achievable but we'll see what age and chronic, flaky dieting has done to my metabolism.

Maybe by the time summer rolls around this will all be second nature and my life will be a beacon of health and light. (A girl can dream, right?)


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