Pictures of Bliss

I keep thinking that I ought to write a serious post about what I learned at Blissdom, but I just don't think I'm ready for that yet. There is so much still processing inside my head that I'm not ready to put out into the world so instead, I bring you my trip to Nashville and Blissdom in pictures. Of me. (And I usually hate pictures of myself, so you know that something special happened!)

My Thursday outfit (top from Eloquii, jeans from Nordstrom):

My Friday outfit (from Talbot's):

My picture with the Lorax:

My outfit on Saturday (from Eloquii in case you like it):

I really do have things to say but they're just not coming out right now and I'd rather share parts of the experience than just disappear to process, so I hope you at least like the pictures. For the rest, there's a weekend coming up, so hopefully I'll get a chance to sit and write something.


Unknown said…
Hi Denise-
I am finally getting to my stack of cards and you are right up on top. I was so glad we meet.

I haven't gotten anything written about Blissdom. I am hoping that getting through my cards will help me get started.
Anonymous said…
Hey there, fashion plate! Love your outfits, especially the third one. You look so sophisticated!

... Leslie
Like Laurie, I still have to go through my stack of cards. I love your second outfit!

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