New digs

Earlier this month, I marked nine years of blogging here at Do you have that in my size??? I haven't loved every minute of those nine years but on the balance it's been one of the best experiences of my life. I've wavered back and forth throughout the years about whether to keep going or pack it in - and I've even unofficially packed it in a few times to boot! - but I always come back because I love the act of writing and the little community of friends that I have here.

No, I'm not giving up blogging (again)!

For our anniversary this year (which is this Friday, April 13th), Mick bought me my very own domain name, something that I'd been trying to do for several years without any luck. (The company who'd previously owned it let their lease on it expire - huzzah!) Only a man who truly loved his blogging wife would do something crazy like that, and I love him even more because of it. Once I knew I had a new domain, I thought about what I wanted to do in terms of a blogging framework: stay with Blogger which is what I've used since April 2003 or switch to WordPress which everyone and their brother has been telling me I need to use for at least five years now. After some reflection and a great introductory offer to migrate my blog from a Blissdom buddy, I decided to make the move to a self-hosted, WordPress blog.

Without further ado, here's where I'll be writing from here on out. You can get there with either or (I now own both domains and one will redirect to the other) and I hope you'll make the jump with me. I hope you'll also give me some feedback about what you like and don't like about the new site in terms of graphics, layout, etc because I'm clueless about that kind of stuff and my migration package didn't include consultations about how best to lay things out.

I'm not deleting this blog, not now or ever, and my archives will be available both here and at the new site in case you'd like to read about any of the last nine years. All of my new posts will only appear at the new site from here on out, though, so I hope to see you there soon. Follow my blog with Bloglovin


Welcome back Denise..... enjoy reading your posts...... and its always nyc to see when we are supported by our loved ones in fulfilling our passion......

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