Seeking Inspiration

Five days down on South Beach Phase 1, ten more to go. (First fruit I'll re-introduce? Apple slices! First whole grain? Quinoa!) I'm feeling pretty strong at this point - focused on making food choices that are good for my diabetic body and getting my nighttime emotional, binge eating under control. I'd like to keep it that way, so I've started a Pinterest board to gather inspirational words and images.

Follow Do you have that in my size??? by Denise Elliott's board Healthy Living Inspiration on Pinterest.

I'm still gathering pins and just the process of clarifying what inspires me to make better choices is proving to be highly motivational for me.

If you have a healthy living inspiration board - virtual or in real life, what does it look like? What inspires you to make healthy choices for yourself?


That Girl said…
I'm odd in that inspiration photos don't do much for me. Results help - but that can be such a trap.

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