One week down: What now?

So it's been seven days now and I'm happy to report that I've done really well with my commitments this week:
  • Zero flour,
  • Nothing with more than 19 grams of sugar,
  • Three days of drinking 64 ounces of water, at least 48 ounces on the other four days,
  • Ten minutes of mindfulness on five nights,
  • and this is my third post of the week
Field of Hope
Field of Hope by Road Fun via Flickr

For the next seven days, here's what I will do:

  • Continue with no flour - I feel good and my blood sugar is starting to go back down again, so why not?
  • Continue with less than 20 grams of sugar - again, I feel great and my diabetes seems happy, too,
  • Seven hours of sleep at least four nights - I'd like to see what the extra sleep will do for my diabetes and my outlook on life in general,
  • Ten minutes of mindfulness at least five days (not nights) - being present is great for keeping me away from both doom and gloom thinking AND dark negativity,
  • Post at least three times this week - by knowing that I have to report my progress here, I'm far more likely to follow through on my commitment.
OK, what will you work on this week to improve your health?


neca said…
I'm working on getting bad into my gym routine. I enjoy it, but when I let myself get stretched too thin or tired, it tends to fall off the radar.
That Girl said…
Barring no unforseen turns of weather, I actually am going to get my walk in today!
Bob Fenton said…
Now that I have my computer fixed, maybe I would miss so much! Interesting posts the last week plus! Stay with it!

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