I just finished a 10 mile training run - now what?

This morning marked two weeks until I'll be lacing up my shoes, slipping into my pink princess running skirt and tiara, and running the Disney Princess Half Marathon in Orlando. If I hadn't been training for this since October 5th, I'd probably be freaking out about now.

The basis of most race training plans that I've seen is shorter runs during the week that allow you to work on your speed, combined with increasingly longer, always a little slower runs on one weekend day to build endurance and stamina. This week, my weekday runs were both 45 minutes long and my long run today was 10 miles which took me two hours, twenty minutes to complete. That's a really long time to do anything, much less something that takes your breath away and makes the angry muscle in your hip/glute area flare up in protest.

So what did I do to keep my mind entertained for 140 minutes? Same thing I do EVERY time I run: I fantasized about what I was going to eat today for breakfast!

I run for brunch!
Image from RunSelfieRepeat.com via Pinterest

My favorite post-run breakfast indulgences are:

  • French toast made with homemade gluten-free cinnamon raisin bread, baked cinnamon apples, scrambled eggs, and turkey bacon
  • multi-grain and nut pancakes made with pumpkin puree and topped with butter, plus ham and scrambled egg substitute
  • sweet potato pancakes with a dusting of cinnamon and topped with butter, plus chicken sausage and scrambled eggs
  • Eggs Benedict made with avocado and tomato slices on whole grain English muffins

The difference between this morning and when I last ran 10 miles two weeks ago is that I stopped eating flour and anything with more than 20 grams of sugar per serving, so I couldn't snarf down any of my usual favorites, which made me a little anxious as I ran, frankly, because being able to eat delicious food is 90% of why I run. (The other 10% is for the race bling.)

So, what did I have for my post-run breakfast today? Half of an omelette with gouda cheese, turkey bacon, home fries, and avocado inside, and drizzled with plain Greek yogurt on top and some fruit on the side. Add in several glasses of ice water and several cups of coffee and I was a happy girl. While I'm not ready to say that I'll never have a piece of French toast again, it's good to know I can still find delicious indulgences without putting a ton of sugar into my body!


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