One down, one to go

Last summer I signed up for two runDisney events: the Disney Princess Half Marathon in Orlando and the Tinkerbell Half Marathon in Anaheim. This weekend I finished the first of these events and the next is coming up in less than 11 weeks now. It's a good feeling to have one of the two done and now I have a lovely medal to admire while I train for the next event. (Yes, it's true: I run for bling and brunch!)

at Epcot World Showcase with my medal and TCB
Wouldn't a picture from the actual race be nice here?

Sadly, neither TCB nor I thought to take any photos directly after the race, so I'll have to see what the official race photographer ended up with once those photos are available next week. The picture above does show my medal, though, and my Princess Aurora running skirt (I threw it on over my shorts with a new/clean running shirt), which I wore all day at Epcot and Magic Kingdom because I trained hard for this event and I wanted to celebrate for the rest of the day.

For my official souvenir of the race, I bought a silver Cinderella Castle charm that I have already threaded through the laces of my left running shoe. After I finish the next one (May 8), I'll add Sleeping Beauty Castle to my right running shoe and my race training will come to an end for a little while.

There are still over two months to go before that day, though, so I laced up my running shoes this morning for my first post-Half training run; it went well. I have been surprised at how little soreness and stiffness I've experienced since Sunday, which is certainly a good thing. I'll run again (another 3 miler) on Friday then a short 4 miler on Sunday to wrap up the week. I signed up for Pilates class on Monday morning so that I can get back into that routine because it makes me happy and helps with my flexibility and core strength (both of which help my running tremendously); I'll start back with weight machine circuits next Tuesday and Thursday, too.

My days and nights used to revolve around food and television, and now I spend most of my time focused on moving and taking care of my body - it's amazing how much better I feel when I stick to this routine. It might not be glamourous, but feeling good, having fun, and staying healthy are my top priorities.


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