Race training by the numbers

Since December 2014, I have been training for one half marathon after another with only six weeks off last May/June. I solely walked the Rock and Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon in November and then immediately started incorporating run/walk interval training for the Disney Princess Half Marathon in Orlando, to be held at the end of February. Once I finish that race, I'll have 11 weeks more of training before I run/walk the Tinkerbell Half Marathon in Anaheim. It all adds up to a LOT of mornings spent walking, running, and run/walking.

At the Finish Line of the Rock & Roll Vegas Half
How much training are we talking about for all three events in a little under eighteen months?
  • 4104 minutes/68.4 hours of weekday morning workouts
  • 375 miles of Sunday morning long workouts (approximately 5,066 hours of walking and running)
  • 2 pairs of Brooks running shoes (Adrenaline model)
  • a (supposedly*) waterproof running anorak
  • a (supposedly*) waterproof pair of running shoes
  • bluetooth wireless headphones (because I kept pulling the stupid corded ones out of my ears when I ran)
* I say "supposedly" waterproof because I took them both out for a run this morning and came home completely soaked, all the way down to my squelchingly wet socks - boo!

What else could I do with that time and energy? I don't know, but would I have (hopefully, by the time I cross the third Finish Line) six gorgeous medals to show for it at the end? Doubt it!


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