Ten days without eating flour, excess sugar, or anything after dinner

Today marks ten days I've gone without eating any flour, any packaged food with more than 20 grams of sugar per serving, or anything at all after dinner, and I have to say it's been surprisingly easy.

The nastiest challenge I faced came on Monday (Day 6) when I brought bundtinis to work to celebrate a team member's promotion. In addition to those little beauties, we also had lemon bars, churros, and chocolate ganache brownies delivered with our catered lunch from a local restaurant that day as well - yikes!

What kept me from throwing in the towel and telling myself I'd start again the next day was deciding to have a Peanut Butter Cookie bar with some hot tea mid-afternoon. Having a controlled amount of sweetness, savoring it fully, and tracking it without any guilt made the other desserts lose their Death Star-like pull on me.

Three ingredients, no flour, 18g of sugar

In the past, I might have tried to power through with just the tea but possibly made a poor choice for dinner because of lower blood sugar and 6-1/2 hours between lunch and dinner, so this is firmly in the "win" column as far as I'm concerned.

Since then, I've made space in my daily calories for this or another flavor of the same brand most afternoons. Before this little experiment, I'd have used those calories to have something sweet after dinner, so I've just shifted that to the mid-afternoon timeframe, without any bad effect on my pre-dinner blood sugar test.

Anyone else making significant changes to their food or exercise programs? How are you doing and do you have any recommendations about new habits to support the changes?


Kay Lynn said…
I'm struggling to find my mojo but glad you're doing so great on the no flour.

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