Why not blog about it?


Yes, after several years of silence, I'm writing a blog post. Why? Well, why not?

I remember when writing something every day was just what I did...sort of like breathing or drinking coffee, but I stopped when I couldn't figure out what my "message" should be and how to "connect to my readers". The thing I've realized, though, is that I just don't care about that stuff, and I don't need to: I have a job that pays my bills (at least for the moment) so "monetization" or whatever the cool kids call it shouldn't be my motivation for writing.

But what is my motivation for writing, then, if not to make money? A few things spring immediately to mind:

  1. To remember what creating something feels like. I have loved to write creatively since I can remember; I miss that
  2. To organize my thoughts about what I want to accomplish. Without goals, I tend to be disorganized, and without writing down my goals and checking in on them occasionally, I don't make progress toward them.
  3. To counter some of the stupid things I read online conflating intentional weight loss with health and happiness. Oh yes, I was one of those people not too long ago - with the proud "before and after" pictures of myself, the weekly weigh-ins, the gnashing of teeth and wailing every time the scale didn't do what I wanted it to; I am sorry for that and promise to do better.
So that's about it: be creative, get things done, and provide a counterpoint to all of the content on the internet saying that, to be "healthy" (as though that's 100% within your control) you need to lose weight or "get lean" or whatever the latest craze is. Nothing fancy.

If anyone ever reads this, drop a comment to let me know how that sounds and if there's anything else you'd like to hear about from me.

And now I'm off to get ready for Thanksgiving dinner - ta ta for now!


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