I've never!

Friday night/Saturday morning (depending on which end of the evening you're at!) OK, you know that thing that's going around right now with a list of things that you're supposed to say which you've done and which you haven't? Well, even though I could already say that I'd made out with a total stranger, I've since added to that list! Oh, yes, I made out with a total stranger in a bar tonight. He was so hot, he looked kind of like Vin Diesel, and he bought me two drinks, and, um, he was so hot. Nothing more than making out. Wait, does feeling up his a@@ count as more than making out? If yes, then I did more than make out. If not, then I only made out with him. Oh, and he and his friend were two of the hottest guys in the bar. It all started when I went out with two of my study team partners and, well, they ended up hooking up. Yes, it's true! I'm sitting there and all of a sudden we're at a bar and they're all over each other - YUCKY poo! In any case, what's a girl to do? Although I knew it would only be a "I hope that if I buy the fat girl a drink I'll get lucky later" drink, I just didn't care. I didn't want to be the third wheel and, in point of fact, I wasn't. In any case, when he went out to smoke and I noticed him chatting up an 18 year old (or therabouts), I took off and headed home. I wasn't going to do anything more with him anyway and, obviously, he'd found other entertainment, so I staggered to my car.

You know, honestly, I probably shouldn't have driven, but I couldn't stand the sight of myself and I sure as heck wasn't going to stick around to see what the price of my two drinks was. Unfortunately, now I need to get my freakin' laptop (or my company's laptop, to be more precise) back, and that's going to be awkward. I know that the two study mates hooked up and I do not want to have that conversation (or any other conversation, for that matter). I just want my computer bag back and to finish up this class strong so that my GPA isn't affected.

Tomorrow morning's 8:30am class is going to be really special. Man, I hope I'm not still drunk then!


yvonne said…
Aaaaaannnndddd what would be wrong with snogging some guy that looks a lot like Vin Diesel?! I can't think of anything that could be wrong with THAT!!

I mean, so you went out and got a little tight. Isn't that what you're supposed to be doing, darling? Being young, having fun?

The only wrong, unfun thing you mentioned was your thinking it was just a "fat girl" drink, and that you couldn't stand the sight of yourself afterward. That's definitely WRONG. Oh, and the driving, but you knew I'd say that.

Anyway. Really. If he looked a lot like Vin Diesel he didn't need to be buying fat-girl-drinks for insurance later. He bought you that drink because you looked fabulous -- and like someone who'd grab his ass! And you DID. :-)

You are one complicated woman, you Junior-League-ing, CASA, class-takin', ass-grabbin' rebel you.

I say, revel in it.
Alda said…
Yvonne said *everything* I was gonna say :) Except: We want the post-script! [Did she get her 'puter back? Did she make it to her 8.30 class?? Was she still drunk?]
Shannin said…
There isn't anything wrong with some harmless fun. I need to echo Yvonne and say that, if he was really Vin's twin, he probably could have chatted up any woman in the bar, he chose you. You are fun, pretty, intelligent -- hey, I would buy you a drink (although keep your hands away from my rear....LOL).

Hope you got your computer back, and that class was not a total blur.
Unknown said…
Get on with your bad self! As stated before, just roll with it baby. Nothing wrong with getting a little random action every now and then. Did the same thing myself just last weekend.

Like the others said, that Vin clone could have bought any other girl in there a drink, but he bought one for YOU! Even he couldn't miss how absolutely fabulous you are :)
deborah said…
too funny! anyway, you deserved to let off some steam, you've been working so hard -- seems to be harmless enough fun.
I believe in drunken debauchery. But I can't say that I've ever benefited from the "buy the fat girl a drink and maybe I'll get lucky later" phenomenon. I never get any of the good stuff, dangnabit.

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