Full of Halloween-y Goodness!

Saturday afternoon. This week (and so many others lately, too) has just zoomed by. Here it is the weekend and I'm still not getting anything done around here (home). *Le sigh* I am, however, neck deep in Alcott stuff including his brother's 10th birthday yesterday, bowling with Alcott this morning, a Voices event this afternoon (Squeals on Wheels - a Halloween rollerskating party), his sibling visit tomorrow morning, then dropping him at Qualcomm Stadium for the Charger/Chiefs game. The boy and some of his foster kid friends will be watching the game courtesy of LaDanian Tomlinson, running back for the Chargers. Not a big Chargers fan here (Go Raiders!) but I really like and respect LT for what he does with kids.

It's like what Genevieve (the CASA for Alcott's siblings) wrote in my birthday card: Did you have any idea last year on your birthday that this year you'd have a wonderful, supportive boyfriend, five fabulous kids that love you, and tons of new friends from all of your volunteer work? No, I definitely didn't and I wouldn't have believed it if you'd told me I would. Crazy what a difference a year makes!

Got to run, time to pick up the boy for roller skating madness - more later.


Shannin said…
Glad to see you are still so involved. That's one huge difference from over a year ago when you "weren't out there." I know the food/exercise may not be on track but I am so proud you haven't gone into hiding. It will all come together for you.
Anonymous said…
Wooo hooooo!
Anonymous said…
I find that the older I get, the faster all of the days go.

Le Sigh. Better enjoy them, right?
Anonymous said…
Sounds like you're going to have the best Halloween yet.

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