The last minute panic of the messy house!

Monday night. OK, when I decided to get Maid Brigade to come out and make my house clean and sparkling I thought it would reduce my stress. I should have thought about my tendency to procrastinate plus how messy/cluttered my house is and realized that it would get me into a highly-stressed out state the night before the cleaning crew arrived. If I had known then that I would spend the entire weekend thinking that they were coming on Wednesday instead of Tuesday (which is the actual arrival day!) thus not being prepared and not getting enough done over the weekend, I might have called the whole thing off.

Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhh...there are probably eight loads of laundry on the floor in my bedroom (can't vaccuum that!), I need to change my sheets (there's another load of laundry to do!), both toilets need to be scrubbed (don't even ask!), I need to vaccuum and steam clean the carpet in the corner of the dining room where Dave the Cat has been leaving me presents (otherwise they'll gag on the smell), not to mention putting away all of the things that clutter the tops of tables, armoires, the fridge, and my bureau (I think it's all going to go in the guest room with the cats, their litter box, and cat food). I had really hoped to use this as a good way to cut down the clutter but now it's all just going to get shoved in a closet or the guest room so I won't be able to truly enjoy the Zen of a clean house because I'll know that the clutter is still there, lurking.

This is why my house is such a mess - I can't just do something small and be satisfied, it's all or nothing!


Anonymous said…
omg that is so me.

I can't get all the ebay and "future katie" dishes organized in my room because I don't have enough boxes to put them all in.

I can't do all my laundry cause I don't have enough drawer space and hangers

I can't clean out my medicine cabinet because I don't have enough tiny containers to organize everything into.

I can't clean off kmy desk because I don't have anywhere to put the stuff.

I can't clean out my fridge because the trash doesn't come until Thursday and al that food would just sit in the trash and smell rotten.

theaddict said…
Oh we should compare. I think we would have a tough competition. I know how you feel!
Anonymous said…
Okay, so I am SO not understanding the need to clean before the CLEANING people come! LOL

My best friend did that, her hubby got her a cleaning person while she was pregnant and I swear she cleaned more than before she got pregnant because of fear of the cleaning lady thinking they were little piggies, LOL.
Jocelyn said…
Hi Denise, I used to be just like this. I have improved due to following the instructions of the flylady. She is not for everyone, but in my house we view her as a miracle worker, you can find her at if you want more info. And no, she is not just for stay at home mums, the system works for everyone. Having said all that, I still do the dash and stash thing before people come to my house too, it just doesnt take as long anymore LOL.
Anonymous said…
Oh please, ladies, get a grip! Make a list ... you know we all do anyway :) ... and cross things off ONE AT A TIME!

Otherwise you will just drive yourself bonkers!

Denise - do 1 load of washing. Then do another load of washing. Then another etc. Admittedly, this will then leave you with a load of ironing .... but then you just do a load of ironing. etc etc etc

Don't beat yourselves up, remember that mighty list of things you do Denise? ... Well, somethings gotta give, and if it's the house, so be it! Your work with Alcott, for example, will be of lasting benefit for much much MUCH longer than having a clean bedroom floor! We're all working legends, we just need to remember it occasionally and not beat ourselves up :)
Anonymous said…
I recommend fly lady too!
Shannin said…
I am the same way! I followed your lead and got Molly Maids to come over starting next Friday. Of course, I will spend the next week cleaning for the cleaning crew. What a Virgo...

As far as laundry - do your smallest load first and work your way up. That's how I usually tackle the mounds of laundry we seem to make.

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